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Chihuahua Urn

Chihuahua Urn


Our Chihuahua Urn beautifully reflects this happy, intelligent and loving companion. A perfect resting place and memorial for your much-loved pet.

Affection and playfulness combined with a sassy attitude make these fun-packed dogs such wonderful companions. Chihuahua's lavish their love on their human companions and expect the same treatment in return, which is easy because they are irresistible. You will have so many happy memories of stubbornness, silly antics and adorable, big-eyed soppiness. Losing your beloved Chihuahua will leave a huge void in your heart and your home. Our Chihuahua urn will help keep their memory alive and provide a perfect resting place for their ashes.

Complete with our Memory Capsule to safely store a photo and small mementos such as a collar tag or lock of