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Plan Ahead

Most of us make plans for our own funerals or let our wishes be known to family, but how many of us think about what to do if our pets pass away ? Why don’t we plan for them ?

Being in that situation first hand and having to make decisions in haste we thought it would be nice to offer families the chance to plan for when the time comes they have to say goodbye to their beloved pets.

Its Your Choice

Certain vets can’t recommend us as they belong to a large corporation and have to recommend their own so we just want to let you know it’s your choice what you would like for your pet. 
if your pet passes away suddenly at the vets you can instruct them to ring us on your behalf or you can ring us directly. 
if your having to make the devastating decision of having your pet pts, let us know beforehand and we will be there waiting for them. 
if your pet passes away at home ring us and we will be there as quickly as possible. You can also pass this information to your vets so they have it on your pets records so they are aware of your wishes. 

Your pets ashes 

Choose how you would like your pets ashes returned to you. There is a wide range of caskets, urns and scatter tubes available. 

There's also a choice of keepsakes too. Maybe you would like a cast of your pets paw print ? Or if there’s anything else we could do for you just ask and if we can, we will. 

please get in touch to make an appointment where we can discuss your wishes. Have a look around and put your mind at ease. Even if you may not need our services for years to come. It’s always better to be prepared as we found out the hard way 🌈

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